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Iron Pipe Valves

All styles of iron pipe valves to work with any pipeline design. Valves supplied for superior flow control and made to impeccable standards.

A pipe valve is a critical part of any pipework design. We supply all types of pipe fittings and valves, offering the biggest choice of accessories for pipeline designs on a Nationwide basis. From gate valves to butterfly valves and non-return valves, if you need safe and reliable flow control we have many options available and products suitable for all clean and waste water applications. Get a FREE quote for  a pipe valves by calling us today on 0370 350 9129, or click the link for a quick response.  

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Pipe Valve Products

Iron pipe valve sales 

We believe we have one of the biggest collections of iron pipe valves at GM Pipes, with butterfly valves, gate valves and non-return valves available to suit any pipeline requirement. The water valves we supply usually sit in line, and are used as an effective means of flow control. They are perfect for water control requirements. 

Supplying valves UK-wide, we can offer our customers all of the following solutions:

  • Huge choice of valves to suit any application
  • Specialist items including penstock valves and flap valves for end of pipeline installations
  • Air orifice valves for clean and waste water situations
  • UL/FM Valves Also Supplied For Those Companies Wanting American Specifications.

We also sell a wide range of pipe ancillaries here at GM Pipes & Valves including extension spindles, handwheels, pillars and open or close indication, get in touch with us today to discuss your water valve requirements. 

For all enquiries you can contact us on 0370 350 9129 and speak to us for a FREE quote without obligation. 

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Pipes and valves for clean or dirty water applications.